Advantages of Using Cryptocurrencies in 2021

  • Learn about the cryptocurrencies with the highest volume of transactions in 2021.
  • Some of the most significant advantages of cryptocurrencies are exchange agility and integrated purchases. 

The main advantage of cryptocurrencies is the possibility of making transactions and currency exchanges faster and at a lower cost than doing the same the financial activities using fiat money.

However, altcoins have as protagonists some cryptocurrencies that have left their favoritism marked by millions of investors and traders around the world; so much so that their transactions have managed to exceed the volume of Bitcoin transactions.

The Protagonists of 2021

The altcoin that has stolen the limelight in the year that has just begun is Ether, the cryptocurrency developed by Ethereum (ETH), whose value barrier of 1,500 USD per unit was finally reached at the end of January.

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Another cryptocurrency that has had a leading role since 2020 has been Litecoin (LTC), whose price has exceeded the barrier of 177.48 USD per unit, thanks to the latest dApps developed based on its blockchain.

Main Advantages

All cryptocurrencies that exist today have a cryptographic address within a blockchain and a value established by the users’ purchase and sale margins.

Other key features of cryptocurrencies are the applications or devices that store them, known as wallets, which have a public and a private key. Furthermore, the advantages of cryptocurrencies can be described as follows: 

Less Volatility

Due to each asset’s operation and capitalization, cryptocurrencies will always have a level of volatility directly related to the daily changes in price that are due to the flow of purchases and sales.

However, altcoins’ volatility is lower and less progressively compared to Bitcoin and other exchange currencies in digital markets, thus making them an excellent investment opportunity for learners.

Buy/Sell with Bitcoin

The exchange activity with the highest volume of altcoin transactions is the purchase/sale of Bitcoin with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) through the Crypto-to-Crypto exchange options found on the digital markets.

This exchange type is commonly used in trading for transactions with Bitcoin or even with the same altcoin. Stablecoins such as Dai and Tether (USDT) are generally used for this purpose as well. 

DApps and Their uses on the Internet.

Since the investigation and exploration of the blockchain for different cryptocurrencies began online, new uses for cryptocurrencies and applications of high interest to the general public have been found, such as the emergence of dApps.

These are applications and software that are based on the cryptocurrency blockchain, and whose functionalities can vary from video games, trivia, collectibles, and even to pets (as is the case with the successful Crypto Kitties).

Goods and Services

The acquisition of goods and services with altcoins is also an alternative that has been available to traders and investors since the creation of crypto assets, and it has remained the main objective of cryptocurrencies and currencies in general.

Among the products that can be acquired with altcoins are video games, collectibles, technology, software, and the acquisition of services such as personnel by hiring or digital services on the internet.

Altcoin Speculation in 2021

For 2021, expectations and speculation with altcoins remain aligned with the growth expectations expected for Bitcoin, thanks to the fact that different companies and organizations have been adopting cryptocurrencies for their operations.

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One of the factors that has strongly promoted altcoins has been the development and operation of other cryptocurrencies and tokens that are based on the original blockchain of the base cryptocurrency.

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