A Crypto day

Think about your daily routine; you get up, coffee, the newspaper, the economic reports, and an hour of daily exercise awaits you every day. However, the first thing will always be to review the price of Bitcoin and do a quick analysis and comparison of the previous day’s prices. 

Your life changes once you set up your mind to start investing in Cryptocurrencies. Because everyday prices take a different position, and for every investor, there is nothing more important than keeping organized finances. 

Market hours

Digital markets generally; do not have an established schedule for their operation since most work globally, so almost all of them are operating 24 hours a day.

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This feature allows Bitcoin transactions and exchanges to be done at any time of the day, either with other cryptocurrencies, stocks, Fiat money, and sometimes with products and services.

Good morning Bitcoin

The main actions in an investor routine consist of analyzing the positions that price can reach once an investment has been made. Whether for purchase or sale, these levels are known as Taking Profit and Stop Loss.

The moments of Taking Profit depend fundamentally on the time in which the investment was made since these must be defined as the moment in which the funds will be withdrawn, or changed back to the currency of origin.

The Stop Loss moment is identified as a level of losses which the user must be subject to if the price of the currency in which it has been invested takes a reverse course than expected; that is to say, that when buying the price goes down or that the price goes up when selling.

Some information tools

On the internet hundreds of web sides, forums, and media publish daily about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general; Therefore, before making investment decisions or positions, it is essential to find out about events. 

Exchange platforms include tools such as forums in their customer service media. Social networks are excellent for finding real-time information on price changes, executive decisions, and events that impact the market.

From the investment until the withdrawal of the funds, the fluctuation in the price is essential to know when is the moment when Take Profit arrives. That is why at various times of the day it is crucial to check the prices. 

Decisions and positions

In the Crypto universe, there are several uses for Cryptocurrencies in the exchange for goods or services; although, in the life of an investor, there are some specific moments during the day.  

Buy / Sell

There are people dedicated to Trading, which consists of acquiring currencies at a low-priced and then selling at a higher price. A simple exercise, but one that unifies financial strategies for price speculation. 

Some of the best-known strategies are scalping, intraday, margins, and futures markets. Others that fulfill various purposes and to which the public has been adjusting over time involves making strategic decisions.



Long or Short positions (Short/Long) are two positions strategically located to minimize losses, but in turn depends on the agility of the Trader to generate profits, regardless of whether the price rises or falls.

This strategy is one of the most difficult to carry out because depends on the possibilities offered by the different tools for price analysis and exchange positions with cryptocurrencies or currencies in digital markets.


Crypto Ecosystem

Other people will be more inclined to make decisions and positions concerning the trends of the Crypto ecosystem, in which some generate profitability in the short and/or medium-term in the falls and the rises of prices (Bears and bulls).

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The whales will prefer to spend calmer days without making movements or positions for long periods; since they are only dedicated to buying large amounts of a cryptocurrency and conserving them over time, in search of high profitability.

Continuous learning

The importance of learning continuously about cryptocurrencies can always lead you to a more financially organized lifestyle; without neglecting the tasks of the common day or affecting job stability.

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