What are cryptocurrencies for? 3 uses that you should know

These digital and decentralized instruments have a volatile but very attractive and profitable market. Its use is focused mostly on the payment of products and services, being an efficient alternative for your transactions.

But did you know that you can do much more if you have cryptos in your possession? If you’re drawn to the future economy and technology, learn how to use your digital assets in three valuable ways.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Before knowing what cryptocurrencies are for, you should know what the technology that is setting the trend worldwide is all about. You dare? Get ready to discover it all.

Cryptocurrencies, also called virtual currencies, are assets with cryptographic encryptions to secure all transactions. They are not exactly physical coins like the ones you store in your wallet; it is digital data.

This data can be stored in wallets or purses of various types, as if it were a computer file. In addition, the technology makes it possible to control the creation of new units or duplicates, shielding the process.

It is also possible to carry out transactions nimbly, directly without third parties. Currently, they represent an effective option against fiat money. You can exchange your cryptos, buy or sell without complications.

However, its original conception was for service payments. Cryptocurrencies have unique characteristics that differentiate them from the traditional financial model. Here we bring you the most outstanding.

  • They are decentralized, they do not obey any government entity or financial organization that controls them.
  • They do not require intermediaries for any type of transaction, giving autonomy and greater control over your assets.
  • They work under an accounting record called blockchain or chain of blocks. It is a database that allows the secure approval of each of the transactions.
  • They have a value determined by demand and supply among users.
  • They must be stored in digital wallets , where only you will have the key to gain access to these assets.

What are cryptocurrencies for?

In addition to being able to exchange these assets for currencies from any country, it is possible to execute investments within volatile markets. If you are wondering what cryptocurrencies are for, you are in the right place.Here are 3 great ways to use your cryptos. It is only necessary to have the knowledge not to be scammed and develop your own strategies that provide profitability. Let’s see.


An international transfer through traditional methods or sending money using the bank is usually excessively expensive. The commissions are high and the possibilities of sending remittances to your relatives are reduced because of it.

With cryptocurrencies it is possible, in addition to being a safe and simplified system that erases barriers.

Reach anywhere in the world, send money quickly without the need for documentation or complex processes.


Do you want to know what cryptocurrencies are for? Are you thinking of earning money and saving for later? This is one of the most profitable uses, being able to save your money in the form of crypto assets.

If there are political changes that affect the national economy, presenting currency devaluations, you can resort to your cryptos, from the platform of your choice you can make exchanges to stablecoins, USD, etc.

Form of payment

Currently, financial giants such as Mastercard, Visa or Paypal have begun to receive cryptocurrencies in their transactions. And there are no complicated processes required to convert to fiat currencies like in the past.

This indicates that the use of crypto assets is spreading more and more, developing a more efficient environment.

Tesla represents another case of payment management. The automobile giant allows the purchase of its products using cryptos.

You already know what cryptocurrencies are for, but there is still more. Are you a freelancer and require a system that allows you to receive your payments safely? Today, digital wallets are an excellent alternative to charge for your services.

Some wallets are ideal for receiving your payments without worrying about charging commissions. In addition, Bitcoin, for example, is widely accepted in shops worldwide, to purchase products and services.


In today’s digital world it is possible to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the crypto market. But you must be cautious and learn how these virtual currencies work from experts.

Knowing this universe will give you access to more agile negotiations where you can handle yourself. Do you want to know how to operate on the main exchange platforms? Do you want independence and do not know the market?

Discover with the crypto experts all those potential uses that cryptocurrencies can offer, as well as learn how to acquire them safely. Sign up for MegaAcademy. Complete your training with us and learn everything about new technology and the economy of the future.

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