The best applications of Blockchain technology beyond Cryptocurrencies

If you have heard of Blockchain technology surely the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies. This is because in principle this system was used as an accounting method for transactions with Crypto assets.

However, due to the rapid advance of new technologies, the market has seen a potential in the blockchain that goes beyond Cryptocurrencies. In fact, more and more companies are adding blockchain technology to their processes.

Now, what is it that makes this technology so important today? The explanation would be in the contributions that this system has made to the business world. Thinking about it, here we show you 8 technological applications based on blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain technology

The term is also known as a blockchain and is a public and decentralized database. It works like a book in which operations of buy and sell or any other type of information.

That is why although it has become very popular in the Crypto market, it can also work with any type of transaction.

Blockchain applications in companies

Blockchain technology

In recent years, most companies have adopted at least one use of blockchain technology and employ it in their day-to-day processes. In fact, it is likely that you also use some of them without knowing it.

So that you have a broader knowledge about them, here we mention them.

Cloud storage

The use of blockchain for cloud storage allows companies to store information in different nodes and various geographical locations.

In this way, not only the data is more secure and protected against cyberattack attempts; but the system is also capable of resisting possible falls of any server.

Digital identities

Blockchain technology prevents digital identity theft. The chain of blocks provides a system with high levels of security to put an end to identity theft on the network.

Registration and verification of data

It is no secret to anyone that the process of verifying personal or bank data is vulnerable to hacking. However, with blockchain technology, any digital information is encoded or encrypted, which provides great security and protects user data.

Production chains

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the area of ​​management and logistics in the business world. The chain of blocks not only optimizes the supervision process in supply chains and improves production monitoring, but it also minimizes possible failures in all these processes.

Smart contracts

Today many companies are inclined towards the implementation of digital or smart contracts. These are agreements that thanks to the blockchain are renewed automatically through a computer program.

This means saving time and economic resources for companies. In addition, it contributes to the transformation of processes towards automation.

Automated security

Because blockchain is an incorruptible system, information can be obtained and processed without concern for failure or data theft. In addition, the security system of this technology can be used 24 hours a day, without the risk of server crashes.

Voting system

The digitization of the modern world has also reached the voting systems of various nations. Today, American states like West Virginia rely on electronic voting, using blockchain technology, to elect their political leaders.

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Blockchain technology

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It is possible that the term blockchain suggests, in principle, the use of blockchains for Cryptocurrency transactions. But the truth is that this type of technology is perfectly applicable to very diverse sectors and industries.

As we show you here, Blockchain technology has made significant contributions to different sectors. Among the most important are voting systems, data recording, cloud storage and production chains.

This expansion in the use of blockchain has also expanded opportunities in the workplace. Thus, the jobs in which they request knowledge about blockchain technology are increasingly in demand.

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