Advantages of the KYC / AML verification process that you should be aware of.

Safety is always first! In a billionaire market like crypto, where there are no coins, no physical bills, and everything is online, it’s necessary to have an advanced system to protect your identity, such as the verification process. This factor will protect you from illegal actions, scams, or money laundering, a clever way to give […]

Atari: From Video Games to Crypto Exchanges

ATRI investors await the launch of the Atari Hotel Casino in Tokyo, where ATRI can be used as change for the games and machines. The launch of the new VCS console will allow the exchange of ATRI Tokens for video games. Since the early ‘70s, the Atari brand has been a pioneer in changing the lives of millions of people around the world with the […]

Learn about the benefits and advantages of Litecoin LTC and evolve your investments

The crypto universe has endless functional and profitable options to expand your investment in cryptocurrencies. Such is the case with Litecoin, one of the most famous altcoins of this era. This virtual currency was created as a variant and rival of the giant Bitcoin, rising worldwide in the crypto ranking. The “digital silver”, as it […]