Atari: From Video Games to Crypto Exchanges

ATRI investors await the launch of the Atari Hotel Casino in Tokyo, where ATRI can be used as change for the games and machines.

The launch of the new VCS console will allow the exchange of ATRI Tokens for video games.

Since the early ‘70s, the Atari brand has been a pioneer in changing the lives of millions of people around the world with the development of the first video games. Now, they have launched the Atari Token, a digital currency that completes transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

In the early years of the creation of video games, these games became an important pastime in which young people socialized in arcades, where they accessed a variety of games in exchange for tokens and coins.

That reality changed with the birth of home consoles and with computers becoming more accessible. With this came the possibility of downloading and installing video games, and now, there is that of acquiring them for coins and digital tokens.

From Physical to Digital Tokens

During the ‘70s and ‘80s, Atari became the favourite pastime of thousands of young people both at home and in well-known slot machines, where there were slot machines that offered the game.

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Until the mid- ‘90s, Atari was the main manufacturer of video game consoles that were accessed with tokens.  These tokens can now be purchased in digital markets and they may be used in Atari casinos.

In addition to the Atari Token, the company has also had the idea of ​​developing the Atari Coin, a stablecoin that serves as a store of value and as a foundation for exchanges with other cryptocurrencies.

Atari VCS: The Console for Trading Crypto in Video Games

Currently, there are many companies and brands beyond Atari dedicated to the production of consoles and video games that have risen to fame, such as Sony and Microsoft with the new PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/Y, but Atari could not be left behind.

For this year, 2021, the Atari brand has planned the launch of the new Atari VCS console, a device that can be used with and has the aesthetics of the old consoles of the early years.

However, the objective of this console goes beyond providing an entertainment space. It implements the use of Atari Tokens to acquire video games, play online, and exchange objects and collectibles typical of each game.

Atari Token Timeline

The launch of the Atari Token was in October 2020, with pre-sale prices at 0.80 USD per unit, then a second pre-sale batch at 0.16 USD, and finally, a market launch on the 29th of that same month at a starting price of 0.25 USD.

The 70% Drop

November began as a “difficult pill to swallow” for Atari Tokens. The day after the public sale, the price suffered a 70% drop, reaching a value even lower than the pre-sale ones, reaching a minimum of 0.04 USD per unit.

Since then, the value of the coin has been rising slowly and progressively, until reaching a barrier of 0.23 USD as the most recent maximum on January 29. It is expected that for the months of May and June the value may exceed the barrier of 0.25 USD.

Fred Chesnais’ Promise

Fred Chesnais, the current CEO of Atari, has been motivating users through the company’s Telegram and Twitter channels with his vision of the success of cryptocurrency, thus contributing to increasing the expectations of thousands of users.

In recent weeks the company has created various alliances with brands that produce non-fungible tokens (NFT), collectible cards that generate value on specific exchange platforms and that can also be exchanged for cryptocurrencies.

The Future of the Atari Token

The project that most promises to give value to the currency is the construction of the new Atari Hotel Casino in the center of the city of Tokyo, although most investors await the arrival of the Atari VCS and the activation of an Exchange platform for the exchange of the tokens.

Decentraland and the New Tokens

As part of Atari’s new alliances, the Decentraland platform has been launched. This is an open-world-type video game in which people can exchange items within the game and even make exchanges with other cryptocurrencies.

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