What is Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)?

Definition of ICOs

In the Crypto world, the ICO acronym is mentioned many times, but it was only until recently that it really became relevant on the scene, since it is directly related to the mining and financing of a Cryptocurrency.

Now entering academic matters, of which we are experts, the “ICO” means Initial Coin Offering, that basically serves as a loan model for certain initiatives to develop Crypto assets.

In other words, an ICO is a medium that has business initiatives for the development of a future business or project in Crypto assets. This medium is based on funds in Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is important to highlight that any project that starts on a Blockchain has, by definition, a Crypto asset called a Token.

These aids are known as Tokens that have a real value in the market but are really scarce, which generates their value, but that can be used to make payments and other transactions necessary for the development of the activity of the developing Crypto asset. .

What relationship do ICOs have with mining?

As you already know, the process by which different nodes within a Blockchain validate and verify different transactions in different blocks is called mining, which generates a new one.

This process basically keeps the Blockchain functional and secure since it copies the transaction information to all its members (in the case of Cryptocurrencies). This information is encrypted, so specialized equipment is needed to be able to mine.

But why is this important to understand ICOs? It is Important because the mining activity generates rewards, an amount of Cryptocurrencies for every 210,000 blocks mined, which are used to finance projects, that is, the miners make their technological mining potential available or loan in exchange for money.

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What can ICOs be used for then?

As we have already said, any activity promoted or carried out from a Blockchain has a Token as a Cryptocurrency, used depending on its purpose, whether it is the development of a Cryptocurrency or the development of technology based on a blockchain.

So, ICOs are funders of Blockchain projects, which generally have to do with Cryptocurrencies. The purpose of these being to raise a lot of money, while many Cryptocurrencies with different values ​​and business models are seen on the market.

It is important to clarify that because there are many Cryptocurrencies on the market, it does not mean that they are all profitable or trustworthy. It is important to learn to recognize that Cryptos are adequate to invest your money but always have the necessary training.


MegaAcademy helps you identify projects with reliable ICOs.

ICOs are part of the Cryptocurrency Basic Course curriculum. In it we will give you in a more didactic way everything you need to know about Cryptocurrencies and all the components so that you can invest in the currencies that you like the most.

In the Course you will see everything you need to understand to deepen your knowledge of Cryptocurrencies, which will make it easier for you to adopt the one that best suits you. That is why we list the topics of our course and their importance to you.

1. You will know the origin of digital money, what Cryptocurrencies and tokens are, and how they work.

2. You will understand Blockchain technology. The protocol used by all Cryptos, its basic concepts and what other uses this technology has.

3. We will talk about exchanges, their purpose, operation, how they operate and what their main characteristics are.

4. You will learn about the wallets, their different types and how to choose the most suitable one for you.

5. We will address the Cryptocurrency trade, to acquire products, services, make exchanges or buy and sell for FIAT money.

6. We will describe the ICO or Initial Coin Offering, the DAO and the DAICO, as well as the concepts of whitepaper and roadmap.

7. We will present the main tools to operate your Crypto assets.

8. Finally we will talk about the identification and prevention of risks, how to take care of the main dangers and protect your digital money.

The course will also give you the bases to identify which ICO-based projects are good and which are dangerous. So don’t be left behind and become a pro of the all Crypto ecosystem.


ICOs are a means of financing projects based on blockchain, which consists of offering tokens in exchange for Cryptocurrencies. These tokens have a real value in the market and can be used to carry out transactions within the ecosystem of the project. Throughout the article it has been explained what ICOs are, how they are related to mining, and what they can be used for.

ICOs have been shown to be an innovative and efficient way to advance blockchain projects, which can have various benefits for investors and entrepreneurs alike. However, ICOs also pose some challenges and risks, such as a lack of regulation, market volatility, or the possibility of fraud or scams. Therefore, it is important to learn to recognize reliable and profitable ICOs, as well as to be well informed before investing in them. ICOs are a relatively new and constantly evolving phenomenon. 

What challenges and opportunities are presented for the future of ICOs? What legal and ethical aspects should be taken into account? What other applications can be given to this form of financing? These are some of the questions that you will be able to answer with the basic Cryptocurrency course of MegaAcademy.

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