Web 3 What is Web 3, and what is it used for?

It is typical to see cryptographic topics on various websites and forums discussing or mentioning the evolution of Web 3.0 or Web 3. It is not for less since even though the third generation web does not have a static concept since it is defined in different ways, to contextualize this article better, we will only focus on Web 3, which is based on blockchain technology and all its sub-characteristics that help evolve this network.

 Web 3.0 can be defined as a network of computer connections where, unlike Web 1 and 2, the data on Web 3 is complemented by all technological gadgets, making computational processes process information in the same way as a human person. , which makes human-machine interaction processes more natural since the communication between both simulates a conversation or an interaction between two people.

Remember that these definitions are not official since defining the capabilities of various networks or layers of a network is not a simple task since no dividing line allows one network to be identified from another.

What is the importance of Web 3 for the cryptocurrency ecosystem?

The reason many experts and personalities within the crypto world get so excited about the possibilities of web 3.0 development and layer three applications is that the options are not just endless.

Many will wonder how the functionalities of crypto technology could be combined with web 3. And this is an excellent question since, again, the functionalities of intelligent contracts are the protagonists.

Thanks to this feature found in some cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano, it was possible to develop what we know today as Dapps or decentralized applications, which facilitate communication between users of cryptocurrencies with different blockchains with interactions that go beyond the simple payment transaction.

Remember that we currently use web 3.0 through different gadgets such as smartphones, smartwatches and devices that can connect to the internet. For this reason, there is so much excitement and expectation on the part of web enthusiasts. Cryptocurrencies and technological idealists, because today we are already experiencing the evolution and development of what is known as the internet of things.

Web 3 and the development of AI Artificial Intelligence?

The development of artificial intelligence is one of the technologies that create the most expectations when we link it to web 3.0, and what is sought with this network is that all people’s interactions are natural, as if they were interacting with another person and not with a machine.

We have tested these interactions through virtual assistants such as Alexa from Amazon or Cortana from Microsoft. It is expected that thanks to the internet of things and through networks that operate through chains of blocks, people can execute any type of action safely and without the need to trust third parties, thanks to smart contracts and the use of tokens, but in a natural way.

It is possible that in the future, there will be paid services that work through blockchain networks and that are operated by artificial intelligence; a practical example is a request to our voice assistant to buy something from a store that accepts payments in crypto; where artificial intelligence will be in charge of accessing our wallet and making the purchase we want, and all this in a safe environment since it works through operations in a chain of blocks.

Some more romantic people predict that the cryptocurrency ecosystem will establish itself directly in the tokenization of services shortly, where cryptocurrencies are expected to play a more economical and valuable role in these services.

It should also be noted that the privacy and security of our data is a vital point within this system; it is for this reason that decentralized networks with strong cryptographic protection standards are sought to be protagonists in the development of web 3; thus, users will be protected and safe at all times.

At the moment, many of these ideas are just “ideas,” which, despite being only something ethereal at the moment, have managed to attract the attention of investors who are currently already investing in different projects that seek to make this a reality, and that is that With investments of almost 30,000 million dollars, companies such as Twitter, Tesla and Reddit are already betting on the development of platforms that allow interaction through what we know as web 3.

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What is expected from web 3 is that through the development and implementation of artificial intelligence, it will be much more friendly for all people, regardless of whether they do not have basic knowledge of cryptocurrency transactions or are already an expert.

As all technological evolutions require previous investments to build the technological future, many investors seek to anticipate and bet on web 3.0, which promises to be a fundamental pillar in future network interactions and internet connections. network interactions and internet connections.

It is not mandatory, but this functionality has indeed been chosen since many people avoid entering or interacting within the crypto ecosystem since there is a lot of information about small things that must be adopted to have good management with this type of digital currency and what web 3 seeks apart from facilitating this, is to facilitate the use of any service on the internet.