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Why Do I Need a Course on Cryptocurrencies?

New technologies are optimized every day to provide people with greater ease in managing personal finances, investments, and assets. The MegaAcademy Ccoins basic cryptocurrencies course is the perfect opportunity for those looking to start trading with crypto assets.

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Basic Cryptocurrencies Course

The basic cryptocurrencies course is divided into two parts to make it easier to tackle and thus guarantee learning.

Basic Cryptocurrencies Course Part 1

Introduction to the World of Cryptocurrencies

In the first part you will find all the basic concepts of the crypto world so that you can understand, in a simple way, everything related to cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Learn everything about cryptocurrencies. Starting with Bitcoin, Altcoins, Stablecoins, and tokens.

Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

  • History of cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • What is a cryptocurrency, and what is a token?
  • Most important cryptocurrencies and tokens
  • Bitcoin and its value over time
  • How Bitcoin works
  • What is Bitcoin for?
  • What is an alternative currency (altcoin)? Functioning and uses


Learn about the technology on which crypto assets are based.
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  • What is Blockchain?
  • What is Blockchain used for?
  • Some Blockchain protocols


Learn about some crypto exchange platforms.


  • What is an exchange?
  • Exchange types
  • How does an exchange work?
  • Main exchange types and their characteristics
  • The registration process in Ccoins


Learn about the options available to store your cryptocurrencies.


  • What is a wallet?
  • Types of wallets
  • How to choose a wallet

Basic Cryptocurrencies Course Part 2

Cryptocurrencies in Practice

In this part, you will learn multiple ways to buy, sell, and exchange crypto assets, as well as ICOs and other instruments used in the crypto market, the tools you need to carry out operations, and risks and how to prevent them.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, where to use them, and how to turn into them to fiat money.

Cryptocurrency Commerce

  • How to buy and sell cryptocurrencies
  • Where can I purchase my cryptocurrencies?
  • How to change cryptocurrencies for fiat money


Know the fundamentals of ICO, DAO, and DAICO, as well as their basic concepts.


  • What is an ICO?
  • What is a DAO?
  • What is a DAICO?
  • What is whitepaper in the crypto world?
  • What is a roadmap in the crypto world?


Identify the best tools for crypto exchange.


Cryptocurrency and Tokens

  • Important apps in the crypto world
  • ATMs
  • Crypto dataphones
  • Crypto phones
  • Freeze in dollars

Risk Identification and Prevention

Keep your investments safe and close to you by identifying and avoiding potential risks.

Risks identification and prevention

  • Risks of direct purchase
  • Risks when buying on exchanges
  • How to avoid fraud
  • What is a pyramid and how can I identify it?
  • Risks of wallets
  • Risks of ICOs
  • Legality of cryptocurrencies in some countries

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