Invest in bitcoin in 2022? We will tell you the advantages.

Bitcoin is more popular than ever, and due to this popularity, many people inside and outside the crypto community are becoming more and more convinced to invest in BTC. However, many will wonder: what are the advantages of investing in Bitcoin? That is why, at MegaAcademy, we have compiled a series of advantages that Bitcoin offers us when investing in this cryptocurrency.

The Cryptocurrency with the highest capitalization: Technically speaking, Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created and successfully implemented. Since its launch in 2009, more than 3,000 new cryptocurrencies have appeared, but none has managed to capitalize as Bitcoin has. Bitcoin positively affects its price.

Issuance limited: 

Bitcoin, having a limit of 21,000,000 bitcoins, makes it a cryptocurrency resistant to inflation, plus, Bitcoin has the particularity that every four years, the reward for mining each block is reduced by half, a characteristic that has repercussions. Indirectly, in the price of the currency.


Today, bitcoin shares this advantage with almost all cryptocurrencies. The main reason why it is so interesting for people is that it is not subject to any government organization that controls them. The first users of Bitcoin saw the potential of being able to trade or carry out transactions without any type of centralized control.

Low transaction costs: 

Another thing that we must be very clear about is that Bitcoin is not the same as when it was born in 2009. Today, the transaction costs of a Bitcoin are a little higher than those of other cryptocurrencies, even reaching to cost a transaction of 25 dollars, which is more expensive compared to traditional means such as banks or electronic payments. But if we compare the cost of Bitcoin transactions with the transfer of large amounts of money through traditional means, a notable difference can be seen. , since sometimes the bank charges commissions on the transferred capital, on the other hand, in Bitcoin, it does not matter if we send 100 dollars or 100 million dollars, it will always be the same rate.


To be clear, Bitcoin is not completely an anonymous network, but it does come very close since a person has a public key that can be traced and if the person who owns a public key is known, then, in theory, transactions can be traced for a person, but it is not very simple. The truth is, it’s very complicated, and only companies specialized in data analysis are the ones that can perform these feats. But even so, the Bitcoin network is more secure and private than traditional media.

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Frequent questions

Today it is easier to acquire bitcoins than a few years ago. It is even more productive since bitcoin has become much more popular and is better received throughout the world.

Currently, it cannot be ensured that investing in bitcoins is a guarantee of immediate profit, since, like the financial markets, no investment is safe.

Of course! There are currently dozens of platforms that offer electronic cryptocurrency trading. Many of these platforms have different security features to make trading as safe as possible, as with Ccoins.