How to work with bitcoin?

The use of Bitcoin in its beginnings, as a means of payment, was limited since only cryptographic technology enthusiasts were the only ones who exchanged bitcoins as a hobby. It was not until May 2010 when a bitcoin enthusiast named Lazlo Hanyecz brought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC being a milestone at the time as it meant two things, bitcoin was working as a payment method, and businesses were beginning to trust Bitcoin.

Today, many businesses have opened up to wanting to accept bitcoin as payment, and thanks to its great popularity people have adopted it. At MegaAcademy, we have compiled a series of forms or business models with which you can work Bitcoin.


It is becoming more and more frequent to make payments through bitcoin, transfer fees have indeed increased lately, but thanks to the adoption of bitcoin as a form of payment, many businesses, both physical and online, receive this cryptocurrency. It is very simple and safe to make a transfer through Bitcoin. In countries like Venezuela, El Salvador, the United States, or Nigeria that have achieved great adoption, it is very common to see business establishments that accept Bitcoin, that is why today accepting Bitcoin payments at your business premises is a good idea.


Sending Bitcoin anywhere in the world will only take a few minutes compared to traditional methods, and its transaction cost is more beneficial when sending relatively large amounts.


Carrying out a holding with Bitcoin is relatively beneficial in the long term, but it is also risky due to the volatility that Bitcoin presents, it is well known that in a week the price of bitcoin can fall to half its value and recover again in a few months, at Mega Academy we only advise doing this practice taking into account these risks and knowing the tools to counteract them, such as freezing with stable currencies.


It is the practice with the highest risk since the price of Bitcoin is very volatile and trading cryptocurrencies without having advanced knowledge in trading is very risky it consists of taking advantage of the rises and falls of the price of bitcoin to obtain profits, buy When this low and sell high is the main idea, at Mega Academy we do not recommend doing this practice without knowing technical analysis and advanced knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.

Online shopping: 

Something that Bitcoin is very good at is online shopping, since many online businesses have chosen to include Bitcoin as a payment method, even in the video game and technology industry it is very common to find platforms that accept payments in Bitcoin.


You can give a family member or friend a small amount of bitcoin or even donate to charity. Many non-profit organizations accept donations in bitcoin, and many of them are for a good cause.

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The holding consists of acquiring any amount of a cryptocurrency or a group of cryptocurrencies and keeping it without selling or spending it for a relatively long time with the intention that its price has increased in the future and obtaining profits from this revaluation.

If we take into account the changes in the historical price of bitcoin, it is feasible to carry out holding with bitcoin since if we analyze the growth of its price since its appearance we will find that it is one of the cryptocurrencies with the highest growth in history, but again we remember that when making these activities we must do an investigation beforehand and have the full responsibility that when carrying out these activities they can carry risks.

Of course, although the price of this cryptocurrency has fallen by almost half in recent years, it does not mean that all these advantages have disappeared, which is why Bitcoin is still a good investment option in cryptocurrencies.