Discover the Tether’s (USDT) most essential aspects and its trend in the crypto world.

In the Stablecoins world, Tether has stood out since its creation. A cryptocurrency destined to mirror the dollar. Is used to protect you against the typical volatility of the crypto market, among other aspects.

More and more people, from enthusiasts to savvy investors, adopted this crypto asset tied to fiat currencies. It is very attractive, since it maintains its fixed value concerning fiat money, providing more stability.

Do you want to know all the secrets of this cryptocurrency, from its history to the most outstanding benefits? Discover now the best way to operate with USDT, taking advantage of the benefits of the crypto ecosystem.


What is Tether as a cryptocurrency?

Tether is a stable cryptocurrency or Stablecoin. A widely used term that implies maintaining a fixed value to that of fiat money, commodity, or crypto asset.

This type of token is used, within the cryptographic universe, to protect your assets from volatility. In addition, it is anchored to the United States dollar (USD), giving it the same or very similar value to the first world currency.

What is the meaning of the acronym USDT?

Have you noticed that there is no relationship between the name Tether and its acronym USDT? In general, this is not the case between the different cryptocurrencies existing until now.

The reason is that this cryptocurrency has developed a 1: 1 parity against the US dollar. What does this mean? That the value of a Tether is equal to or very close to the value of a dollar.

Therefore, a combination has been created between the financial symbol USD and the character “T” of Tether, thus giving rise to USDT. These widely used acronyms define Tether across the planet.

History and evolution of the Tether in the crypto world

This digital asset was launched at the end of 2014 as Stablecoin. But did you know that it was adopted on trading platforms from Tether Holdings Limited and Bitfinex?

Everything arose from the creative mind of the famous J.R. Willet, known as the inventor of ICOs. By then, Willet was working on Mastercoin, the communications protocol Blockchain over Bitcoin.

This ambitious project was joined by other members of Mastercoin, Craig Sellars and Brock Pierce, who presented the RealCoin project. For this, the Omni Layer protocol was used, using the Bitcoin blockchain.

By the end of 2014, RealCoin would be called “Tether” with the appearance of 3 Stablecoins:

USTether – USDT

EuroTeher – EURT

YenTether – YENT

With the exponential growth, popularity, and acceptance in operations and exchanges, Tether announced in 2017 the launch of ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum.

In this way, it managed to push its tokens towards Bitcoin and Ethereum, the largest blockchains. Tether currently accounts for almost 80% of all Bitcoin trading. Unbelievable!

It is ranked number 10 in cryptocurrencies worldwide and continues to rise, expanding its operations. In 2019 it created a new parity token with the Yuan called CHNT, massifying its presence in the crypto universe.

Main features of the Tether

  • Transparency: This builds trust in Stablecoin and creates an ideal environment to provide peace of mind to users.
  • The USDT transaction record is public in coexistence with the Tether equivalency. This system ensures the collateral 1: 1 relationship between the value of the dollar and Tether.
  • Omni Protocol: It runs on the Blockchain Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, TRON, and Liquidity Network. Tether takes the properties of tokens on the blockchain, taking advantage of the capabilities offered on the blockchain.

Is it profitable to invest in this cryptocurrency?

First of all, it is important to have a market for direct negotiations that will facilitate the exchange process.

You can invest in this crypto active and take advantage of the various utilities that this option offers you. Now, why is it profitable? Consider these positives.

  • You have an ideal product to execute transfers like any cryptocurrency. You can send Tether to any corner of the planet without conflicts and low commissions.
  • Being of a “Stablecoin” nature, you will have the means to avoid strong price fluctuations. In addition, it is perfect to provide you with great liquidity, since it will protect you against volatility.
  • If you want to use Tether on your platform as a means of payment, you can do so without devaluations. This stablecoin is subject to the real value of the dollar.

Most important advantages of the Tether

Get the maximum benefits and operate calmly with Tether in a safe and advanced environment.

Provides stability due to its parity value with the dollar

The value of 1 USDT is equal to the value of 1 dollar USD. So its price is stability.

Speed of transactions

Forget about late systems. Tether has high speed, in addition to not charging transaction fees.

Economic transactional value

You have the advantage of exchanging USDT for fiat money, paying only a small commission.

Ensures and minimizes the risk of volatility

You will be able to protect your assets in a highly volatile market. How? Trading Bitcoin, for example, to Tether, a Stablecoin that will maintain its value.

Offers a high level of integration with exchange platforms

Its dominance and ease of integration allow all Exchange platforms to provide USDT pairs for trading.


Having a Stablecoin like Tether in a crypto market characterized by high volatility is an essential factor. Above all, if you want to take advantage of the maximum returns that this type of negotiation can offer you.

Exchange your USDT for fiat money and get the real value of its collateral currency, the dollar. In addition, there is no emission limit, which implies greater opportunities for you and the protection of your assets without devaluation.

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