Cryptocurrencies for companies. International companies that accept cryptocurrencies

In recent years we have been able to see how many of the new cryptocurrency users enter the crypto ecosystem in order to make a quick profit from investing in this type of asset, and sometimes many leave aside the true function for which cryptocurrencies were created, and that is to be used as a means of payment, to be a digital currency without borders, that can be sent quickly and without great transaction costs, that can be accepted anywhere in the world and that it is not controlled by any entity, or at least this was the wish of Satoshi Nakamoto when he created Bitcoin.


In the early years of cryptocurrencies when almost no physical store or business accepted payments in this asset and it was more difficult to use currencies like Bitcoin, at that time it was understandable that many would avoid or not use them as a means of payment, but today when Payment in this type of asset has become popular in such a way that international companies such as Microsoft already accept payments in crypto assets.

Let’s remember that cryptocurrencies are currently one of the ways that allows the transfer of value quickly and without significant cost, being a much better option than conventional methods such as remittances, credit card payments or bank transfers where sometimes they take days to arrive and charges high commissions for their use, many companies have realized this and have already taken the first step of accepting digital assets such as cryptos and tokens for the payment of their products and services.


Companies that accept Cryptocurrencies as payment

If in 2010 they told you that you could travel using cryptocurrencies, would you believe it? It is currently possible to do this and more, with a wide catalog of reliable cryptocurrencies, now let’s see which are the companies that offer the public the payment of their products and services in crypto assets.



If at any time you have wondered if it is possible to buy a coffee with cryptocurrencies? The answer is yes; The world’s largest company specializing in the retail service of cafeterias already accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment, through a partnership with the futures and digital asset exchange company Bakkt. Thanks to its more than 30,000 stores, Starbucks will be able to offer its extensive catalog of drinks and other snacks through payment in Bitcoin.

The acquisition process is very easy and simple, it is done through the aforementioned app, where users can purchase Gift Cards for different amounts and redeem them at any of the official Starbucks stores worldwide.



The case of the Norwegian airlines is a very particular and fascinating one, since not only accepts payments in different cryptocurrencies, but has also created its own blockchain network that has been implemented in various management functions. At the beginning it was only used to receive payments in cryptocurrencies in the sale of air tickets or in some flight insurance, but it gradually expanded to other services, becoming the first exchange center for crypto assets in northern Europe.



Perhaps one of the pioneering companies in the implementation and acceptance of payments with crypto assets is Shopify, being one of the largest companies in terms of electronic commerce, it has been a visionary company, since in 2013 it chose to create different gateways and payment mechanisms to be able to accept cryptocurrencies from its customers.

Thanks to an association with Coinbase, the market for the sale and purchase of goods and services has been positively affected, as a cryptocurrency giant is supporting and offering its payment service such as Coinbase Pay, it has given more than 75,000 daily Shopify users the confidence to use it.



It is a surprise to everyone that the technology giant is on this list, but what many do not know is that in 2014 the computer and software company decided to venture into payments through cryptocurrencies and together with BitPay they developed a bridge so that users could refill their Microsoft Store accounts with Bitcoin.

In this way, Microsoft users can make purchases of their goods and services (Software, Video Games, gadgets, among others) with cryptocurrencies. This action has allowed the technology company to venture into other areas of the crypto ecosystem, such as the creation of trading spaces for NFT’s.



Many may not know it, but Bitfirell is the multinational platform that works as a payment gateway for the acquisition and purchase of hundreds of gift cards. Being the company in this service, it has gift cards from more than 1000 companies accepted in more than 150 countries.

It is perhaps one of the companies that have bet the most on cryptocurrency payments, since they accept the most widely accepted cryptocurrencies in the world, allowing crypto users to purchase gift cards for services such as Netflix, Amazon, Walmart, among others.


Finally, we have a company that allows users to pay with cryptocurrencies to companies that do not accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, works internationally and has the ability to support various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Celo, Zcash or Bitcoin Cash from Coinbase.

Its operation is simple, you just have to purchase a Visa prepaid card that you will have recharged with your cryptocurrencies, this will allow you to make purchases or payments in countless online businesses.


As we have shown, there are currently a considerable number of multinational companies that have chosen to accept payments made in cryptocurrencies, and with the feeling of seeing more and more companies join this trend. Let’s remember that cryptocurrencies can not only be used to earn money through investment but that they are a very good option to make payments, and regardless of the fact that we have only put large companies on the list, it is also necessary to know that many small businesses in different countries make use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

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Frequent questions

It is very probable, since although the governments of the world do not end up adopting cryptocurrencies as currencies for legal use, there are already projects of different important governments such as the Chinese or the European Union, to create their own digital currency and thus supplant the cash.

From the point of view of the benefits of paying with cryptocurrencies, yes, since it is much faster and safer than conventional payment methods.

This may be due to different factors, either because at the moment only 15% of the world population has adopted or used some cryptocurrency, therefore the group of people who have interacted with these assets is still considerably small. However, this percentage is growing significantly in recent years; Another possible cause may be the policies of prohibition or control by governments, which leaves companies with no options in this situation.